Best Real Estate CRM And Website

Propesy has been Designed by Realtors for Realtors


This goes straight to your property listings and statics, giving you immediate knowledge of how many listings you have, the type of listings they are and which are active and which are not, also how many users you have and how many are admins, agents, owners, buyers. You can also access the CRM and the website front end from here.


is set out as leads for your potential buyers and contacts for your owners, staff and other contacts. It also has reporting modules so you can keep track of your sales performance. It has todos and events and a calendar you can share all of your agents and staff’s calendar into one. The calendar also syncs to google calendar if desired.

System Settings

Here is the basic setup of your website. Website title: Website type: Sales, rentals or both. Default currency: Users can add properties: yes / no Users can add properties: yes / no Discounts after (days): 7 14 30 Area unit: sq. m / sq. ft Temperature unit: Celsius/Fahrenheit Google Analytics ID: Property activation: manual / automatic, and much more

Front page Display Options

Payment gateways, Control the website’s visual aspects; theme, language, how many listings are displayed etc. Time Zones, Contact Forms with Recaptcha, Social media interaction, There is also a news page that acts as a primary blog.

Manage Pages

Here you can add pages to your website to inform your users of local information, also great for SEO. You can add them to the top, bottom menus or both. It also has a hierarchy with parent and child pages. There is a WYSIWYG editor and an HTML option so you can get your pages to look exactly as you would wish.


Here you can set up: Types of property, The Districts or Counties, Locations, Plans, XML sync, Translations, Amenities, And more


Client testimonials are invaluable to any business, and there is a provision on Propesy to add them easily.


Here you can manage any FAQ'S you might want to set up for your users.


You can manage all aspects of your user experience in the user’s section, set agents or admins, including an activity log.

Built in CRM saving your Business Time and Money.

Enjoy the benefits of a built in CRM and Website with unlimited users and clients.

Switch Platforms

You can switch between website the admin panel and the CRM all form your dashboard saving you time.

Self Hosting

You can host this CRM and Website on your own servers if you wish although we do offer a hosted service.

Real Estate CRM

Our CRM has been built with the fields and functionality needed to manage your clients.

Access globally

Once installed you have the advantage of being able to access your CRM from anywhere even on the move when out with clients.


You can control the access that your users get. Including what they can see and what they can edit or delete.


If you already have a list of clients on a database you can upload them to your new CRM.

Some of the best features

Propesy is loaded with features here are some of the best of them.


Superior Design

Because it is designed by an experienced Realtor of many years experience Propesy comes loaded with all of the features you need. No expensive addons or monthly fees.


You can change basic colour schemes add your own logo, you can also add pictures to personalize locations for search.


Benefit from a platform that is very secure, we have built Propesy to make sure that your clients and you can store your data as safely as possible.

Built in Search Engine

Your users can search for their property in a variety of ways. 15 years of research and customer feed back has led to Propesy offering the easiest way for your clients to find their next home.