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  • Real Estate Software 
Real Estate CRM
  • Real Estate Software 
Real Estate CRM
  • Real Estate Software 
Real Estate CRM
  • Real Estate Software 
Real Estate CRM
  • Real Estate Software 
Real Estate CRM

Real Estate Software Real Estate CRM

No monthly fees, unlimited users, clients and listings, fully integrated Real Estate website and CRM

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Accessible, Convenient & Manageablee

Unlimited users, listings and clients. Your all in one software package for running a Real Estate Company

Offer your clients multiple ways to search for their property.

Areas that you can add Countries, Districts regions towns and individual parishes whatever you wish

Price with minimum and maximum text box or slider.

Bedrooms Min beds select Max beds is possible on request.

Minimum land/lot size

Search by property reference

Search by amenities

Built with SEO in mind, this website is fast, responsive, delivers SEO friendly URLs is HTML and CSS compliant.

Your location structure will determine your landing pages, so if you set up a location such as London your page will be created with SEO friendly URL and title.

We make sure that your users are happy no matter what device they choose to use.

We also ensure that Google is happy with our cross-platform design.

Whether you are listing a property for sale or a property to rent, you can manage bookings, viewings, follow-ups and clients all from the same admin area.
Propesy is a multilingual platform that is easy to use and delivers unique SEO friendly URLs for each language that you add.
A set of billing plans can be set up for listing or renting with payment gateways and management system.

Secure and safe Propesy is built with data security in mind.

Nurture Your Customers Using Propesy's Built-in Real Estate CRM

The CRM has been built exclusively for realtors, with no more monthly bills, no more charges per user. You can have as many users as you want.

The CRM also creates reports, to show you how your advertising works and how your agents perform. Helping you improve productivity and manage your advertising budget on other Portals and Media.

The CRM is also customisable so if you have special requirements you are covered.

Script Load Speed

Not all servers are created equally, while we have taken great care to limit the server requests as far as possible minor adjustments may be needed this will be taken care of upon installation.

The script itself is built to be very fast loading in any browser.

Further uses of CDN´s is advised especially if your audience is global.

What is a CDN you may ask? CDN’s are a network of servers distributed around the globe that allows data to be distributed far faster from users who are accessing your website far from its home server. There is also a security aspect to them: they can shield you from several different types of malicious attack.